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Apricot and coconut slice

The best thing about this slice, besides how yummy it tastes, is that there's no cooking required. A great recipe to have on hand for those days when you need to both entertain and feed kids as you can easily make it together.
apricot and coconut slice
24 Item


Chocolate topping


1.Grease 19cm x 29cm slice pan; line with baking paper, extending paper 5cm over long sides.
2.Process 200g of the biscuits until fine. Chop remaining biscuits coarsely.
3.Stir butter and condensed milk in small saucepan over low heat until smooth.
4.Combine processed and chopped biscuits with coconut and apricots in medium bowl; stir in butter mixture. Press mixture firmly into pan; refrigerate, covered, about 20 minutes or until set.
5.Meanwhile, make chocolate topping: stir ingredients in small heatproof bowl over small saucepan of simmering water until smooth. Spread over slice.
6.Refrigerate slice until firm before cutting into 24 squares.

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