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4 ways with dessert jars

Individual desserts make the perfect finale! These desserts can be whipped up in under 20 minutes.
Four dessert jar recipes

Not in the mood to bake a whole cheesecake? Get your dessert pots and mason jars out and make these dessert recipes.

We have four desserts jar variations that you simply must try. From a Middle-Eastern-inspired dessert pot served with Turkish delight to a fruity cheesecake flavour topped with tangy raspberries, save these mini dessert recipes for when you’re craving something sweet! If you’re a lover of sweets, top any of these mason jar desserts with whipped cream or extra toppings of your own choice.

Coffee caramel & orange trifles (left) , baklava, yoghurt & berry pots (right)


Serves 4 Prep time 20 minutes

Place 1 teaspoon instant coffee in a small heatproof bowl; pour over 1 cup (250ml) boiling water, stir to dissolve (alternatively use ½ cup freshly brewed espresso coffee). Add 380g can caramel top ‘n’ fill, stir until smooth. Zest rind from 1 orange, reserve. Peel and discard pith from 4 oranges; remove segments. From 200g sponge cake, cut out eight rounds to fit four 1-cup (250ml) jars (or cut into cubes). Spoon half the coffee caramel mixture into jars or serving glasses, top with a sponge round and half the orange segments. Repeat layering with remaining caramel, sponge and oranges. Top jars with 1/3 cup roasted macadamias and reserved orange rind.


Serves 2 Prep time 10 minutes

Coarsely chop 200g baklava. Spoon half the baklava between two 2-cup (500ml) jars or serving glasses. Divide 1½ cups (420g) Greek yoghurt, 60g coarsely chopped Turkish delight and 100g coarsely chopped strawberries between jars. Top trifles evenly with remaining baklava and 2 tablespoons coarsely chopped roasted walnut halves. Serve immediately.

Test Kitchen Tip:

To stop the Turkish delight sticking to your knife when cutting it, first spray the knife lightly with a little cooking-oil spray.

Watermelon, lime & raspberry cheesecakes (left), chocolate avocado pots (right)


Makes 4 Prep time 15 minutes

Process 200g gingernut biscuits into fine crumbs. Add 50g butter; pulse until just combined. Divide biscuit mixture among four 1½-cup (375ml) jars or serving glasses. From 700g watermelon, cut out eight rounds to fit your jars. Finely grate rind of 1 lime. Juice the lime; you need 2 tablespoons juice. Process 500g mascarpone, the juice and ¼ cup caster sugar until smooth and thickened. Place one watermelon round on crumb layer. Spoon cheese mixture into jars; tap gently on a work surface to level mixture. Top with remaining watermelon rounds and 125g lightly crushed raspberries. Sprinkle jars with lime rind.


Makes 6 Prep + cook time 20 minutes (+ cooling)

Melt 150g dark chocolate (70% cocoa) in a small bowl over a small saucepan of simmering water. Cool 5 minutes. Process 2 large (640g) avocados and 1/3 cup (80ml) maple syrup until very smooth, stopping to scrape down side twice during processing. Add cooled melted chocolate; process until combined. Transfer mixture to a large bowl. Beat ½ cup (125ml) pouring cream and 1 tablespoon caster sugar in a small bowl with an electric mixer until medium peaks form. Fold cream into chocolate mixture. Spoon mousse into six ½-cup (125ml) jars or serving glasses. Sprinkle with 1 tablespoon coarsely chopped pistachios and 50g finely grated dark chocolate. Drizzle with extra maple syrup. Serve immediately.

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