Christmas duck recipes

From classic roast duck centrepieces to seasonal salads starring mango and more, turn to these duck recipes if you want to serve something different this festive season.
Plate of whole roast duck with mulled cranberry sauce.

Christmas recipes, duck and more!

There can be more to Christmas lunch than ham and turkey – although these are delicious too! In these Christmas recipes duck is the star, from hearty roasts to summery salads. We’ve snuck in a duck fat potato recipe too.

Or go down a meat-free route with one of our vegan mains for Christmas.

For a pork main, this loin stuffed with cranberry and pistachio is very festive. Or check out this classic pork roast with crispy crackling and apple sauce.

Happy Christmas lunch planning (and eating!).

sweet and sour duck with broccolini
Quick & Easy

Sweet and sour duck with broccolini

Pomegranate molasses is available at Middle Eastern food stores and specialty food shops. Note
Slow-roasted five spice duck
Dinner ideas

Slow-roasted five spice duck

Pre-made pancake wrappers are available from Asian supermarkets. To make your own crepes, whisk 1 cup plain flour, 300 millilitres milk and egg together. Cook 2 tablespoons of mixture at a time, in a lightly oiled pan over medium heat, until golden. Turn and cook the other side. Note

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