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Nutella recipes you need in your life

The perfect combination of silky smooth milk chocolate and roasted hazelnuts creates a flavour combination worthy of the gods.

There's no secret why Nutella is the world's most popular spread. The perfect combination of silky smooth milk chocolate and roasted hazelnuts creates a flavour combination worthy of the gods. To honour it's rich decadence, we've pulled together a selection of our favourite Nutella recipes. And from our five minute mug puddings, to our family-sized cakes, there's something for every dessert lover here. Take a flick through and see what catches your eye...
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    Chocolate nutella mug puddings

    These decadent chocolate nutella mug puddings are the ultimate dessert for all the sweet tooth's out there! Easy to prepare and irresistibly delicious!

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    Chocolate and hazelnut meringue torte

    Layers of decadent chocolate and coffee cream are combined with light, fluffy chocolate meringue to create this gorgeous torte. Topped with crunchy roasted hazelnuts, it's a dessert-lover's dream.

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    Nutella choc-nut cupcakes

    For those of you who love Nutella, you simply can't go past these indulgent chocolate and hazelnut cupcakes. They're topped with a rich Nutella frosting, chocolate balls and roasted hazelnuts.

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    Choc-hazelnut cookie sandwiches

    Combining two of our favourite things, chocolate and hazelnuts, these incredible cookies are filled with an irresistibly creamy centre.

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    Hazelnut pinwheels

    If you're looking for a quick and tasty sweet afternoon tea snack these hazelnut pinwheels are the answer. They look and taste delicious and go perfectly with a steaming mug of coffee or tea.

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    Coffee hazelnut muffins

    Chocolatey coffee hazelnut muffins, with hazelnut frosting and a crunchy nut topping, pack a whole lot of flavour into every bite.

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    Chocolate hazelnut cups

    These divine little bite-sized chocolate hazelnut cakes are the perfect size for such a rich, indulgent recipe.

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    Chocolate hazelnut croissants

    These divine chocolate and hazelnut croissants make a decadent breakfast dish, best served warm.

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    Chocolate hazelnut pudding mug

    No need to skip dessert on busy weeknights with this easy, microwaveable chocolate and hazelnut pudding recipe. For an extra touch of decadence, top with icing sugar, cream and fresh raspberries.

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    Malted hazelnut layer cake

    This surprisingly simple celebration cake uses some crafty shortcuts so you can get all the decadence with none of the drama.

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    Nutella cheesecake

    This creamy cheesecake gets its flavour from the popular chocolate hazelnut spread. Decorated with edible glitter and a Grand Ferrero it makes an impressive Christmas centrepiece.

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