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5 Healthy Superfood Grains To Add To Your Diet

Want to sort out the good grains from the average? We'll show you which ones belong in your cupboard and those to leave on the supermarket shelves.
Bowl of quinoa

Over the last few years, we’ve been bombarded with different types of grains, greens and whole foods claiming to be “super foods”. But when there’s so many, it can be tough sorting out what’s “super” and what’s simply average.

Here are our five go-to grains and seeds that actually add mega nutrition to your diet. Adding two or three of these into your regular meals will give you the boost you’re after – without all the labels.


Amaranth, a hidden gem, is a great porridge ingredient and easily complements berries, maple syrup and other toppings for a sweet kick. It’s gluten-free and loaded with around 25 grams of protein per serving. This is one solid grain choice.

Our incredible sugar-free rosemary, labne and orange tart recipe is made using an amaranth crust.


This darling little seed does wonders for regulating your digestive system and can increase your overall heart health. Add it to savoury meals or warm salads for an extra boost.

We paired millet and roasted beetroot in this salad for a perfect balance of flavour and texture.


All the rumours you’ve heard about quinoa are true. It’s amazing and diverse, it has a nutty flavour and comes in red, white and even black.

This ancient Mayan cuisine staple is a perfect rice substitute. With around 14 grams of protein (almost double that of brown rice), it makes a perfectly nutritious base for just about any dish.

Don’t just have quinoa for lunch or dinner. This quinoa porridge recipe is perfect for breakfast!


Bulgur, or burghul, is loaded with iron, which makes this hardy grain an especially valuable addition to a vegan or vegetarian diet.

The best part of this grain is that it only takes around 20 minutes to cook, making it a great choice for the busy foodies in this world.

Bulgur is an ingredient in our Middle-Eatern meatloaf recipe – packed with aromatic flavours, this one will easily become a family favourite.


Widely known as one of the world’s healthiest foods, buckwheat is worth having in your cupboard. This gluten-free grain is loaded with antioxidants and essential amino acids which makes every serving worth it.

Our buckwheat risotto with wild mushrooms recipe is a great nutrient-boosted alternative to the traditional rice version.

Our tips:

~ Pick two to three of these grains to keep in stock at all times.

~ Buy corresponding airtight containers and label them neatly so you always know what you have.

~ Get into the habit of cooking a batch or two on Sundays before the work week. This makes it easy to make meals throughout the week.

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