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Vegetarian pasta recipes

Just because you're following a meat-free diet doesn't mean you have to miss out of the utter joy that is eating pasta. We've gathered together our favourite vegetarian dishes, made using gnocchi, penne, spaghetti and fettuccine. You'll find delicious vegie-based sauces made with mushrooms, eggplant, legumes and tomatoes, plus a few creamier options for indulgent nights in. Most of these meals are quick to throw together, making them sensible dinner options any night of the week.
broad bean orecchiette
potato gnocchi with mushrooms & THYME
Dinner ideas
July 31, 1975

Potato gnocchi with mushrooms & thyme

Try using a variety of mushrooms such as flat, cup, button, portobello, oyster and enoki, keeping small mushrooms halved or whole and large types sliced. Cooking the potatoes whole with the peel on keeps the potatoes dry and fluffy-doing this helps to create lightly textured pillows of gnocchi. Note
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