15 Easter treats that are more than just chocolate

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

For many of us, Easter brings with it a bounty of chocolate. So when it comes to planning desserts and treats your options are pretty much endless. From chocolate nests to bunny cakes and even sugar-free doughnuts, there’s something for everyone. Get egg-citied!


Easter nest surprise

These crunchy nests are filled with caramel, topped with candy-coated eggs and taste as good as they look. Able to be made in just five easy-to-follow steps, they’re the perfect masterpiece for budding chefs to create.


Chocolate, pecan and raisin scrolls

Studded with crunchy pecans and sweet raisins, these mouth-watering scrolls are inspired by our hot cross bun recipe. They’re fun and tasty and put a sweet twist on the classic Easter staple – a chocoholic’s dream.


Italian Easter biscuits

If you’re all chocolated-out after the morning Easter egg hunt, these biccies are the perfect antidote. They’re scented with almond and anise, and are coated with a sweet almond glaze. A delicious and choc-free treat to serve for morning tea.


Funtastic marshmallow Easter egg bars

Fuss-free and easy to make, these crispy Easter bars don’t even require baking. Simply combine the ingredients and pop them in the fridge to set. And when it comes to decorating, get all hands on deck and add mini eggs, sprinkles and whatever else your heart desires to transform these fun-tastic treats into edible works of art.


Easy hot cross buns

Easter wouldn’t be Easter without a hot cross bun (or three). These fruit-speckled spiced hot cross buns are guaranteed to be a hit, and are easy enough for the at-home-chef to whip up in just over an hour. Enjoy warm and slathered in butter, with a side of tea.


Easter egg mousse

Filled with caramel and chocolate mousse, these Easter egg treats are sure to add some fun to the family table. Make them beforehand and leave them in the fridge to set for just 20 minutes – the perfect last-minute sweet.


Peaches & cream gluten- and dairy-free doughnuts

Who said Easter treats can’t be vegan? These doughnuts taste as good as they look, and contain no added sugars, dairy or gluten so you can indulge your sweet tooth without the guilt. Plus, they’re topped with edible flower petals to make the festive weekend extra colourful.


Rocky road-style slice with fried noodles

Just in case leftover Easter eggs are an issue, use them as the base for this crunchy-meets-gooey rocky road slice. It’s a simple five-ingredient mixture that heroes Chang’s gluten-free fried noodles for added crunch.


Easter hot cross bun pudding

Not sure what to do with those extra hot cross buns? This pudding is your answer. Packed with vanilla, cinnamon, cream and butter, it’s the ultimate comfort dessert to enjoy at the end of the long weekend.


Easter bunny cake

Cute and delicious, this iconic Easter bunny buttercake is perfect for family celebrations. You don’t need to be a cake boss with this easy-to-follow recipe – it’s simple enough for the kids to join in on!


White chocolate bird nests

This simple recipe calls for white chocolate, Chang’s fried noodles and sprinkles, all mixed together then topped with mini Easter eggs. It takes just over 30 minutes to make so it’s perfect for a last-minute Easter dessert. Sneak one into the kids’ lunchboxes for an egg-tastic surprise.


Chocolate Easter freckles

These bunny-shaped freckles are almost too cute to eat! They’re quick and simple, with a kid-friendly recipe they can easily follow.


Double Decker Chocolate Crackles

Gooey marshmallow and crispy noodles combine in these choc-packed party favourites. The recipe calls for white and milk chocolate, marshmallows and Chang’s crispy noodles and offers a quick and easy way to transform your Easter egg leftovers into a delicious lunchbox treat.


Chocolate & strawberry Easter pavlova

Chocolate adds a festive finish to this Aussie crowd-pleaser. Whip up your meringue, top with cream and add chocolate-dipped strawberries for a fresh and fruity finish.


Mini meringue nests

Add an Easter twist to this popular dessert and top fluffy meringue bites with cream and mini eggs. There’ll be plenty of eggs to go ’round so leave a few extra to the side to enjoy as you prep!

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