Get ahead of your cravings with these delicious snack box subscriptions

These boxes won't disappoint when it comes to flavour.
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When you’re feeling the effects of that 3pm slump, there’s only one thing to give you that much-need boost; a delicious, fun and perfectly convenient snack.

But what makes a snack convenient, you might ask. The answer is quite simple: a snack that comes directly to you on a frequent basis so you never have to look to the vending machine or dash to the store for that last minute pick-me-up.

From healthy delights to beat those sugar cravings to authentic Japanese snacks to take your tastebuds on a journey, we’ve gathered some of the best snack boxes to subscribe to in Australia.

The best snack box subscriptions in Australia


GoodnessMe Box 3 Monthly Subscription

GoodnessMe Box – 3 Monthly Subscription, $87 at GoodnessMe

Enjoy up to 10 delicious healthy snacks–and maybe a lifestyle product too–every month, all of which are entirely natural with no added nasties, GMO-free and curated in accordance with your dietary requirements.



Discover Australia Gourmet Box

Discover Australia Gourmet Box, $190 at Cratejoy

Find healthy goodies, festive condiments, grazing gourmet bites and indulgent treats made by local businesses from different parts of Australia with this premium snacks box. It’s perfect for gift giving or party hosting.



Monthly Japanese Snack Box

Monthly Japanese Snack Box, approx. $55 at Sakura

Celebrate Japan’s cultural legacy as you indulge in sweet and savoury treats, courtesy of this curated box. Inside you’ll find Japanese snacks, teas, and home goods from local makers that each represent a unique aspect of Japanese culture.



Bokksu Snack Box Subscription

Bokksu Snack Box Subscription, approx. $73 at Bokksu

Taking it up a notch is Bokksu, offering authentic Japanese snacks, candies, and teas sourced directly from centuries-old family makers. Every box you purchase supports these family-run businesses in Japan and helps keep their traditions alive.


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