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Beef cheeks recipes ideas

Slow cooked beef cheeks are a highlight of winter cooking. Our collection has a beef cheeks slow cooker recipe and more!
beef cheeks, carrot and onion in a bowl

Braised beef cheeks in red wine (recipe below).

What cut of meat are beef cheeks?

It’s the cheek muscle of a cow. It’s a very tough and lean cut of meat and is most often used for braising or slow cooking to produce a tender result.

Are beef cheeks good to eat?

Beef cheeks are a delicious cut of meat to slow cook. How to cook the beef cheeks – slow cooker or oven is fine. But it does favour a long, slow cook to break down that connective tissue and deliver a melt-in-the-mouth, tender end result.

You’ll find slow cooker and oven recipes in the collection below.

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