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Delicious Christmas cocktail recipes & ideas

These delicious cocktail recipes are the perfect addition to your Christmas menu - from our traditional eggnog recipe to summery sangria and refreshing punch.

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    This dairy based drink is traditionally a festive beverage brought out on Christmas and Thanksgiving in North America.

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    Lime and mint punch

    Combine zesty lime with rum and the distinct aroma of mint to create this knockout, refreshing punch.

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    Orange and pomegranate sangria

    You'll have to start this one up to 12 hours ahead but the wait will be worth it! Just one taste of this beautiful white Summer sangria and you'll be transported straight to the beaches of Barcelona.

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    Australian iced tea

    Celebrate with this tall cocktail in style. Perfect for a hot day in the sun.

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    Tea and rum punch

    Fruity and minty, tea and rum punch is a classic lunchtime or afternoon cocktail.

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    White summer sangria

    Start your summer party the right (and easy) way with this crowd-pleasing cocktail. Our recipe for white wine sangria is so delicious and takes just five minutes.

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    Mango bellini

    Give your bubbles a little tropical twist with these delicious mango cocktails. Cheers!

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    Classic cosmopolitan cocktail

    You can add some thinly sliced blood orange as well as the lime to this classic cosmopolitan if you like.

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    Vanilla martini

    Frangelico adds a nutty depth to this divine vanilla martini. You can use another hazelnut liqueur if you prefer.

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    Aperol spritz cocktail

    Originating in northern Italy, Aperol spritz has become a popular Summer drink, making it an essential recipe to be included in Deborah Hutton's new book, Entertaining Made Easy. It's a great way to start a meal and whet the appetite.

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