Tomato salad with creamed fetta

A vibrant salad platter perfect for any summer gathering.
Summer tomato salad with creamed fetta on a platter

Ready in just 25 minutes, this summer tomato salad showcases the best of the season. Best of all, this tomato salad transports well, so is great for picnics or when you’re asked to bring a plate.

The creamed fetta can be made up to a day ahead; cover and refrigerate. The vegetables can be sliced and the dressing made several hours ahead; assemble salad just before serving.

If transporting the salad, store the dressing and creamed fetta separately in airtight containers in a cooler bag. Keep refrigerated; dress salad and top with creamed fetta just before serving.





Make creamed fetta.


Slice radish, onion and cucumber thinly, using a V-slicer or mandoline, if you have one. Cut tomatoes into thick slices.


Layer radish, onion, cucumber and tomato, sprinkling each lightly with sea salt flakes, on a platter.


To make dressing, whisk oil and vinegar together in a small bowl; season to taste. Pour dressing over salad; scatter with basil.


Top salad with spoonfuls of the creamed fetta; serve with remaining creamed fetta.


Drain fetta in a fine sieve over a measuring jug to yield 1/3 cup oil; top up with a little extra virgin olive oil, if necessary. Discard any solid marinating ingredients. Coarsely crumble fetta into the bowl of a food processor; add garlic. Pulse to combine. With the motor operating, add reserved oil in a steady stream until combined (the mixture may split at this stage; the addition of milk will bring it back together). With the motor operating, slowly add milk in a steady stream until mixture is smooth and creamy. Transfer to a bowl; refrigerate until needed. The mixture will thicken on standing.

Buy a mixture of different coloured and sized tomatoes; store them at room temperature as refrigeration will dull their flavour. Use a microplane grater to grate the garlic or use a garlic press.

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