Vegetable and cottage cheese terrine

vegetable and cottage cheese terrine


Pepper & tomato sauce


1.Place cheese in muslin-lined strainer or colander set over large bowl. Cover, then weight cheese with an upright saucer topped with a heavy can. Drain overnight in refrigerator; discard liquid.
2.Line bottom and two long sides of 3- x 10-inch pan with parchment paper or plastic wrap, extending paper 2 inches above sides of pan.
3.Combine drained cheese in medium bowl with grated zucchini, scallion, herbs, garlic and juice.
4.Discard ends of both large zucchini, using vegetable peeler, slice into thin strips (discard outer strips of both zucchini).
5.Overlap alternate-colored zucchini strips in prepared pan, starting from center of bottom and extending over both long sides. Cover both short sides of pan with alternate-colored zucchini strips, ensuring slices overlap to cover corners and extend over both short sides.
6.Spread half of the cheese mixture into zucchini-lined pan, cover with spinach, carefully spread remaining cheese mixture over spinach. Fold zucchini strips at short sides over filling, then repeat with strips over long sides to completely enclose filling (mixture will be slightly higher than pan). Cover terrine tightly with foil, refrigerate 1 hour.
7.Combine pepper and tomato sauce ingredients in small bowl.
8.Turn terrine onto serving plate; drizzle with oil. Using fine serrated knife, cut terrine crosswise into thick slices. Serve with pepper and tomato sauce.

Do not add any salt to the cottage-cheese mixture as this will cause the filling to become too wet. Buy zucchini just large enough to make 5-inch-long strips once trimmed and sliced.


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