Cauliflower, paneer and pea balti stir-fry

Cauliflower, paneer and pea balti stir-fry



1.Heat wok, toast sesame seeds just until fragrant. Remove from wok, reserve seeds.
2.Heat oil in wok, stir-fry leaves and mustard seeds until seeds pop.
3.Add ground coriander, chilli, cumin and garlic to wok, stir-fry until fragrant. Add undrained tomatoes, bring to a boil. Reduce heat, simmer, stirring, about 5 minutes or until mixture thickens slightly.
4.Add cauliflower and the water, stir-fry until cauliflower is almost tender. Add peas, cheese and chopped coriander, stir-fry until hot. Remove from heat, sprinkle with reserved seeds.

Curry leaves are commonly used as seasoning in Indian and Sri Lankan cooking, much as we use bay leaves. When fresh, they have a short shelf life and can be stored in the refrigerator for up to a week. Dried, they keep indefinitely in an airtight container. The fresher they are, the better the flavour. Cheese is not generally produced and eaten in India with paneer the notable exception. It is available cryovac-packed in some supermarkets or loose, in brine, in Indian food shops. In a stir-fry you can substitute haloumi if paneer is not available.


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