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Sashimi stacks

Wonderfully fresh and light, enjoy these beautiful salmon sashimi stacks as a light lunch, starter on canape.
sashimi stacks
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1.Cut cucumber and avocado into long thin strips.
2.Cut salmon into 32 thin slices.
3.Place 16 slices of the salmon on serving platter; spread each with a little wasabi then divide cucumber, avocado and onion among slices. Top each stack with one remaining salmon slice.
4.Wrap seaweed strip around each stack; sprinkle each with sesame seeds.
5.Serve sashimi stacks with soy sauce.

Use the freshest, sashimi-quality fish you can find. Salmon sold as sashimi has to meet stringent guidelines regarding its handling and treatment after leaving the water. We suggest you seek local advice from authorities before eating any raw seafood. Use scissors to cut the seaweed into strips.


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