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Potato rosti with poached eggs and chilli relish

Potato rosti with poached eggs and chilli relish

For a delicious breakfast with a difference, make like the good farmers of the Swiss canton of Berg and sit down to crisp potato rosti. Topped with poached eggs and chilli relish, they’re a spicy, savoury delight that will definitely keep you going until lunch.

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1.Combine potato and salt in medium bowl; squeeze out excess liquid.
2.Melt half of the butter in medium non-stick frying pan. Spread potato over pan, flatten. Cook, uncovered, over medium heat until golden underneath; invert onto plate.
3.Melt remaining butter in same pan, carefully slide potato rosti back into pan, uncooked-side down. Cook, uncovered, until browned lightly.
4.Meanwhile, fill deep frying pan with 10cm water, add vinegar; bring to the boil.
5.Crack one egg into a cup, pour egg carefully into boiling water; repeat with remaining eggs. Lower heat to a gentle simmer; cook eggs, uncovered, about 4 minutes or until cooked as desired. Remove eggs, one at a time, using a slotted spoon; drain on a plate lined with absorbent paper.
6.Cut rosti into quarters; serve topped with eggs and relish.

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