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Julie Goodwin shares her chocolate trifle recipe

One for the chocolate lovers!
Julie Goodwin chocolate trifle recipe

Julie Goodwin’s mouthwatering chocolate trifle makes the ultimate indulgence this Christmas! A chocolatey twist on the classic fruit version, this festive favourite is a must to share with family and friends!

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Make jellies following packet directions. Rinse a rectangular slice pan with cold water; pour out water. Pour jellies into pan. Cover, refrigerate for several hours or until set. Turn jelly out onto a board lined with baking paper. Cut jelly into cubes.


Place the strawberries in a shallow dish and scatter with sugar; stand for 10 minutes.


Place half the cake slices over the base and halfway up the side of a 3.5 litre (14-cup) serving bowl. Spoon one-third each of the strawberries and raspberries over cake. Sprinkle half the liqueur over the fruit and sponge. Lay half the jelly over the fruit then top with half the custard. Lay the remaining sponge slices on top of the custard and up the side of the dish. Top with half the remaining fruit, remaining liqueur, jelly and custard; cover. Refrigerate until serving.


Beat cream in a small bowl with an electric mixer until soft peaks form. Spoon the cream over the custard. Top with the remaining fruit and crumble the chocolate over the top. Serve nice and cold.

Not suitable to freeze.


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