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Country breakfast

Late morning is a good time to serve this country breakfast, skipping lunch and going for a long afternoon walk before dinner.
Country breakfast



1.You need about three good frying pans for this. The secret is to never have the heat too high, except for the potatoes, which need extra heat to finish cooking and for browning.
2.Prick the sausages and put them in one of the pans with about 1 tablespoon of olive oil. Cook slowly and when half cooked (about 12 minutes) put the tomatoes in the pan, cut side downwards.
3.In the second pan start cooking the bacon in a little olive oil ­it will produce bacon fat that can be used later for frying the eggs. In the third pan make hash brown potatoes.
4.After 4 minutes turn the tomatoes upside down. Keep turning the bacon and sausages until evenly brown. Lift the bacon and put it on top of the sausages to keep it warm while the eggs are frying.
5.I always fry eggs on low heat but some people prefer the edges of the whites to turn brown in which case the heat can be turned up a little. While the eggs are cooking get someone to make the toast and serve onto warmed plates, garnish with parsley and season with salt and pepper.
6.A breakfast like this should be accompanied by freshly squeezed orange juice and extra toast should be served at the end with lashings of jam or honey.

We only do this three or four times a year because it’s high in fat and rather an indulgence.


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