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Barbecued corn on the cob with tahini

With melting, spicy tahini butter, these corn cobs will be the star of your barbecue.
barbecued corn on the cob with tahini



1.Remove silk from corn cobs, leaving husks intact. Soak corn cobs in water for 15 minutes.
2.Meanwhile, combine butter, tahini, cayenne pepper and coriander in small bowl.
3.Peel back corn husks carefully; brush butter mixture all over corn then carefully fold husks back over corn. Tie tops with string or secure with small piece of foil.
4.Cook corn on heated barbecue (or grill or grill pan) about 15 minutes, turning regularly to cook evenly. Peel husks from corn, cut cobs in half

Tahini is a rich sesame-seed paste available from Middle Eastern grocery stores and health-food shops.


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