Scrambled eggs with bacon

You had me at bacon.

Nothing quite beats scrambled eggs and bacon for a hearty breakfast or weekend brunch. Whether you’re a bit under the weather from the night before or not.



1.Preheat grill.
2.Toss tomatoes in oil; place on oven tray with bacon. Cook bacon and tomato under grill until bacon is crisp and tomato skins start to split. Cover to keep warm.
3.Meanwhile, lightly beat eggs, cream and half the chives in medium bowl with a fork.
4.Heat butter in large frying pan over medium heat. Add egg mixture, wait a few seconds, then use a wide spatula to gently scrape the set egg mixture along the base of the pan; cook until creamy and just set.
5.Serve toast topped with egg, bacon and tomatoes; sprinkle with remaining chives.