Potato, spinach and za’atar frittatas

Crispy Middle Eastern-style potato and spinach frittatas packed full of za'atar, a blend of roasted dry spices.
potato, spinach and za'atar frittatas



1.Grease four shallow 11cm pie dishes; line bases with baking paper.
2.Combine oil, za’atar and potato in medium bowl.
3.Cook potato mixture and garlic on heated oiled flat plate until almost tender.
4.Squeeze cooked garlic into medium jug; discard skins. Whisk in eggs and cream. Divide half the potato mixture among dishes; top with half the egg mixture, then spinach, remaining potato mixture and remaining egg mixture.
5.Cook frittatas on heated flat plate, covered, about 20 minutes or until almost firm. Stand 10 minutes to allow to firm.
6.Serve frittatas sprinkled with sesame seeds.

Za’atar, a blend of roasted dry spices, is easy to make, but the prepared mixture, consisting of sesame seeds, marjoram, thyme and sumac, can be purchased in all Middle Eastern food shops and some delicatessens. Try it sprinkled on warm toast that’s been spread with ricotta.


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