Hand-moulded sushi

It's important to be precise when making proper sushi. Don't make the pieces too big; each should only make a single mouthful. If correctly formed, hand-moulded sushi should be able to be eaten upside down using fingers, or on its side if eaten with chopsticks; it's the fish and not the rice which is to be dipped in soy sauce.
Hand-moulded sushi
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1.Dip fingers in bowl of vinegared water (see notes), shake off excess;pick up about 1 tablespoon of rice with one hand, gently squeezing and shaping it into a rectangle shape with rounded edges.
2.Pick up one slice of fish with index finger and thumb of left hand. Using tip of right-hand index finger, scoop up a dab of wasabi; spread wasabi along centre of fish.
3.Bend fingers of left hand to form cup to hold fish; place rice shape on fish. Move left thumb to top end of rice shape to stop rice being pushed off fish; use right-hand index and middle fingers to gently push rice shape and fish together.
4.Turn sushi piece over in left hand so fish is on top, gently push fish against rice with right-hand index and middle fingers; left thumb should remain at top end of rice to stop it being pushed out. 5 With thumb on one side of rice and index finger on the other, gently squeeze rice to straighten the sides.
5.Using right-hand index finger and thumb, turn sushi 180 degrees and push fish against rice again with right-hand index and middle fingers.
6.Serve sushi with sauce.

For rice vinegared water, add 1 tablespoon rice vinegar to medium bowl of cold water. To keep fish on rice, place a 1cm (½-inch) wide strip of toasted seaweed (yaki-nori) around centre of sushi piece with ends tucked underneath; moisture from the rice will hold seaweed in place.


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