Green onion blinis with chilli crab salad

GREEN ONION BLINIS with Chilli Crab Salad
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1.Sift flours and pepper into medium bowl, whisk in eggs and buttermilk until smooth. Stir in onion and butter.
2.Heat oiled large frying pan, cook level tablespoons of blini mixture, in batches, until golden both sides. Cool on wire racks.
3.Meanwhile, make chilli crab salad. Combine ingredients in medium bowl, season to taste.
4.Serve blinis topped with salad.

You can buy cooked crab meat at the local fish markets or supermarket. Alternatively, buy fresh crabs and cook them (blue swimmer crabs are good). To tell if crabs are meaty, look at the claws; if they are pointy and sharp it means they have a new shell and don’t have much meat. If the claws are rounded, they have an older shell and will have more meat.