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Suppli al telefono

Suppli al telefono is a delicious snack from Italy originally named for the melted mozzarella "strings" that resemble telephone wires when one of these croquettes is split open and slowly pulled apart.
suppli al telefono
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1.Heat olive oil in large frying pan; cook 2 peas and garlic until peas are just tender and garlic is fragrant.
2.Combine pea mixture with rice, parmesan, egg and oregano in medium bowl. Using hands, shape rice mixture into eight balls.
3.Cut mozzarella into eight cubes. Press a hole into the middle of each ball; insert one piece of the mozzarella, then re-mould rice to cover hole. Roll balls in crumbs to coat all over.
4.Heat vegetable oil in large saucepan; deep-fry balls, in batches, until browned lightly and heated through.

You need to cook about ⅓ cup of rice for this recipe. Leftover bolognese sauce can be used as a filling for suppli instead of the peas and cheese here.


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