How to make peanut butter in your Thermomix

Then slather it on crusty bread!
1.5 cups

Making your own peanut butter is easy with our simple Thermomix recipe. Adjust the sweetness and salt to taste or try different nut butters.

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1.Place peanuts in mixing bowl; chop for 10 sec/speed 4.5 or until coarsely chopped. For a crunchy peanut butter, remove one-third of the peanuts and reserve. Add oil and honey to mixing bowl; blend for 30 sec/speed 9, scraping down side occasionally if necessary, or until smooth. Return chopped peanuts to mixing bowl; mix for 5 sec/reverse/stir mode or until combined. 2
2.Spoon peanut butter into a jar and refrigerate. Stir before using, as the oil will settle on top.

Use unsalted nuts for a healthier peanut butter, if you like. For a different nut butter, try swapping the peanuts with cashews or macadamias.

Serve with some crusty bread.


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