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Mezze platter with salmon gravlax

Rich, opulent European dishes put an international spin on any occasion. This platter works as an entree, paired with hearty breads.


Gin Salmon
White bean & roasted tomato dip
Spiced beetroot dip
To serve


Gin Salmon

1.Coat salmon with salt, gin, mustard powder and fennel. Wrap in cling film and place in a dish with a small plate on top. Lightly weight the plate down.
2.Leave in the fridge overnight. Once ready, thinly slice.

White bean & roasted tomato dip

3.Preheat the oven to 180ºC. Place tomatoes in a roasting dish, flesh-side up. Scatter with salt, rosemary and garlic on top. Roast for 20 minutes, then cool.
4.Remove rosemary and blitz tomatoes with beans and oil until smooth.

Spiced beetroot dip

5.Blitz the beetroot together with bulghur wheat, zest and curry powder.
6.Add oil and keep blitzing until smooth. Season.

To serve

7.Blanch the spinach in salted, boiling water, then refresh in cold.
8.Remove pear core and slice. Toss in lemon juice.
9.Combine spinach and pear with endive, sprouts and fennel, then drizzle with oil.
10.Arrange salmon, dips and salad on a platter. Serve with lavosh.

Be sure to marinate the salmon overnight to let the gin and salt do its trick. Any spirit that is high in alcohol will work really well as a preservative, so if you don’t have gin or don’t love the flavour, opt for cognac, brandy or vodka. I often use salmon that has been farmed in the sea, such as Akaroa salmon. Because it has to swim in harsher currents, I find the fish is less fatty and offers a crisper, cleaner taste. There’s no right or wrong rule with a dip! Get creative and throw together your favourite flavours. If an ingredient, such as cucumber, has too much moisture, roast it to dry it out before mixing it with seasonings.


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