Quick & Easy

Sesame salmon skewers with brown rice salad

Super easy, with toasted sesame flavours, this recipe works well as a lunch dish for the ladies or a flash family meal.



1.Combine the sesame seeds and salt in a shallow bowl.
2.Skewer the salmon fillets with metal or pre-soaked skewers and rub the salmon with the sesame oil, then sprinkle generously with the seed mixture.
3.Heat a non-stick pan with a little of the rice bran oil and sear the salmon loins for about 2 minutes each side until the seeds are toasted and the salmon heated through.
4.For the rice salad, toss together the rice, cucumber ribbons, sprouts, peppers and mesclun and dress with the combined oil, lime juice and zest, sugar and seasoning.

Salmon should be served just cooked or even seared, rather than well-cooked, this will keep it moist with the most nutritional value. You can cook your own brown rice or, if your time is limited, use cooked rice pouches. You can use the rice hot or cold, depending on your preference or the weather.


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