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Scallop and vegetable combination

Scallop and Vegetable Combination



1.Using small sharp knife, make slit along dark vein of scallops. Lift out dark vein. Wash well, pat dry.
2.Cover dried mushrooms with hot water, let stand 15 minutes or until softened. Drain, slice thinly. Peel and quarter onions. Slice celery diagonally; string beans, slice diagonally; slice shallots diagonally.
3.Heat oil in pan or wok, add onions, celery, beans, ginger and crushed garlic, saute two minutes. Mix cornflour with a little of the water until smooth, add remaining water, dry sherry, crumbled stock cubes, salt and soy sauce.
4.Add sauce to wok, stir until boiling. Add scallops, drained baby corn, mushrooms and shallots, cook three minutes or until scallops are tender.

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