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Herb-crumbed fish fillets

This recipe is packed full of brilliant flavours and textures for a fun way to get your family to eat more seafood. Serve with tartare sauce that perfectly complements the crunchy coating.
Herb crumbed fish fillets

Herb-crumbed fish fillets




1.Toss fish in flour seasoned with salt and pepper, shake away excess. Lightly beat egg with 1tbsp water in a shallow dish. Combine breadcrumbs, herbs and rind in another shallow dish.
2.Dip fish into egg wash then into breadcrumbs.
3.Pour enough oil into a deep frying pan to come 2cm up the sides. Heat over medium-high heat until a piece of breadcrumb sizzles immediately when immersed in oil. Shallow-fry fish until browned on both sides and just cooked through. Drain on absorbent paper.
4.Serve fish with steamed chat potatoes and greens, dill, lemon wedges and tartare sauce, if desired.

Any firm-fleshed white fish is suitable for this recipe. Cooking time will depend on how large and how thick the fish is. To make tartare sauce, combine good quality mayonnaise with a little finely chopped capers, cornichons (baby gherkins), red onion and herbs you enjoy, such as dill or parsley, to taste.


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