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Family-style zucchini slice

This family favourite gets a makeover with these tasty alternatives.
Zucchini slice cut into slices
6 - 8

There’s no denying the humble zucchini slice is a household favourite! Made with tasty zucchini, ham and cheese, and seasoned with salt and pepper, this slice recipe is a classic.

In this easy zucchini slice recipe, we’ve taken a handful of pantry staples and transformed them into four tasty zucchini slice recipes. – the base recipe and three tasty variations. They’re a great way to mix-up this weeknight staple.

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Smoked salmon & dill (left), chorizo & cherry tomato (middle), green pea & ricotta (right)

SMOKED SALMON & DILL – Omit the ham and replace with 180g sliced smoked salmon, coarsely torn. Stir two-thirds of the salmon through the grated zucchini mixture (omit the slices zucchini on top). Decorate top with remaining salmon. Bake as directed and serve with caper berries, if desired.

CHORIZO & CHERRY TOMATO – Omit ham and replace with 200g smoked chorizo sausages. Omi dill and replace with chopped parsley. Finely chop chorizo and cook in a frying pan over medium-high heat until browned lightly and crispy. Stir chorizo and parsley through grated zucchini mixture (omit sliced zucchini n top). Tip with 2 stems of truss cherry tomatoes. Bake as directed and serve with extra parsley leaves.

GREEN PEA & RICOTTA – Omit the ham and replaced with ¼ cup (90g) thawed frozen peas. Omit the dill and replace with ¼ cup chopped fresh mint. Stir the peas and mint through the grated zucchini mixture (omit the slices zucchini on top).. Crumble over the ¾ cup (180g) firm fresh ricotta before baking. Serve with fresh mint leaves.


Basic zucchini slice


Basic zucchini slice


Preheat oven to 200C (180C fan-forced). Grease and line an 18cm x 27cm slice pan.


Coarsely grate 4 zucchini; cut 1 zucchini lengthways into thin slices.


In a large bowl, combine grated zucchini, onion, ham, dill, cheese, sifted flour, oil, and eggs. Season with salt and freshly ground black pepper.


Spread mixture into prepared pan, top with thinly sliced zucchini. Brush zucchini slices with a little extra olive oil.


Bake for 40 minutes or until lightly browned and set. Sprinkle with extra dill to serve.

Suitable to freeze.


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