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Chicken stir fry with zucchini noodles

This stir fry recipe uses zucchini noodles to create a light and tasty dinner for one.
Chicken stir fry with zucchini noodlesCon Poulos

This tasty stir-fry is a fast dinner for one that’s great if you’re watching your carb intake. For a more substantial meal add noodles or steamed rice.

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If you have a vegetable spiraliser, making vegetable noodles such as these zucchini ‘zoodles’ is a cinch. If not, use a julienne peeler or V-slicer. Alternatively, swap zoodles for bean thread vermicelli, hokkien noodles or steamed rice. Use broccolini in place of the gai lan.

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1.Combine chicken with five spice, sugar and half of each of the sauces in a small bowl.
2.Using a vegetable spiraliser, cut zucchini into noodles. Place in small microwave-safe bowl and heat on high for 45 seconds.
3.Heat a wok or medium non-stick frying pan over high heat; add half the oil and stir fry gai lan for 30 seconds. Add water to the wok; stir-fry for 1 minute or until gai lan is just tender. Remove from wok.
4.Add remaining oil to wok; stir-fry chicken mixture until browned and cooked through. Add remaining sauces and return gai lan to wok; stir-fry for 1 minute until combined.
5.Serve chicken mixture on top of warm zucchini noodles. Top with green onion, chilli and coriander leaves.

Not suitable to freeze.


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