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Calamari stuffed with fetta and chilli

We've detailed how to clean and prepare the calamari below; it's easier than you think! Remember that calamari cooks incredibly quickly; it's important not to overcook it because it will become tough and chewy, ruining the delicate nature of this tasty dish.
Calamari stuffed with fetta and chilli



1.Pull gently on tentacles and remove body and guts. Peel off wings. Peel off outer purple membrane (if slippery, use a pinch of salt on finger tips to help) and inner clear membrane if there is one, usually found on older squid. Cut tentacles off below eyes; discard eyes, small black beak in centre of the tentacles and entrails. Remove clear quill from inside body, then remove side flaps and dark membrane. Rinse well; pat dry.
2.Mash cheese, chilli, oil and oregano together in small bowl. Spoon cheese mixture into calamari tubes; secure with toothpicks.
3.Combine calamari and tentacles in large shallow dish with rind, juice, garlic and extra oil. Cover; refrigerate 3 hours, turning occasionally.
4.Cook calamari and tentacles in heated oiled grill pan about 3 minutes each side or until browned and filling is heated through.

To save time, you can ask your fishmonger to clean your calamari for you, or buy it pre-prepared.


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