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creamy marinara pie recipe

Creamy marinara pie

Break through the cheesy potato topping for the wonderfully creamy seafood mix within. If you have time, switch out the pre-prepared elements of this dish with your own for a homemade pie to please.
calamari and chips recipe

20 delicious calamari recipes

Australian summer and fresh seafood go hand-in-hand and each year calamari proves to be a popular choice with the entire family. Here, we've gathered 20 of our best recipes with calamari to show you how versatile this little seafood favourite is. From classic crumbed salt and pepper calamari to gorgeous grilled rings and a less conventional stuffed variety, these tasty recipes are perfect for a light lunch or to serve as an easy appetiser for your summer entertaining.
calamari spaghettini

Calamari spaghettini

Tender, perfectly cooked calamari is beautiful tossed through light spaghettini to create this divine seafood pasta dish. Cooked with a zesty sauce, it's perfect for light dinner any time of year.
Sweet chilli calamari stir-fry

Sweet chilli calamari stir-fry

Tender fresh calamari is tossed with sweet chilli sauce, hokkien noodles and fresh vegetables to create this delicious Asian stir-fry in no time at all.
Antipasto plate

Antipasto plate

Delight your guests with an irresistible assortment of antipasto goodies waiting to be gobbled up over a glass of wine.
Salt and Pepper Calamari

Salt and pepper calamari

For a milder, sweeter aioli, bake 3 garlic cloves at 180°C for 15-20 minutes. Cut off tops and squeeze flesh into mayonnaise. Note