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Asian vegetable fritters

Packed full of vegetables, these golden, crunchy Asian fritters are the perfect finger food or starter for your next dinner party - beautiful served drizzled with fresh lime juice.
Asian vegetable frittersWoman's Day



1.Sift flour, salt and bicarbonate of soda together into a bowl.
2.Stir in combined water and egg to make a thick batter. Add beansprouts, cabbage, carrot, green onions, coriander leaves, chilli and garlic. Mix well to coat the vegetables.
3.Heat enough oil for deep frying in a large deep frying pan until a small amount of batter sizzles as soon as it is added.
4.Lower level tablespoonfuls of batter into oil in batches of 4-5. Cook 3-4 minutes, turning, until golden and cooked through.
5.Transfer to paper towel to drain. Serve with sliced capsicum, hot chilli sauce and lime wedges.

Makes 18


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