Nougat semifreddo in white chcocolate cones

Wow your guests with this decadent treat.
Nougat Semifreddo in white chcocolate conesAustralian Women's Weekly
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Wow your guests, partner or even just yourself with this decadent dessert. The nougat semifreddo looks as impressive as it tastes yet is surprisingly straightforward. And because you deserve to treat yourself it’s drizzled with a rich dark chocolate sauce.

Or would you prefer a classic chocolate semifreddo?


Nougat semifreddo in white chocolate cones
Dark chocolate sauce


1.Fold baking paper squares in half diagonally to form a triangle (see notes). Twist to make a cone shape. Secure with a staple at least 7cm from where the corners meet at the top. Trim rim evenly. Cones should measure 15cm in height.
2.Using a parfait spoon (or long-stemmed teaspoon), coat the inside of the paper cone with the white chocolate. Stand each cone in a tall glass to set.
3.Beat eggs and sugar in a small bowl with an electric mixer for about 5 minutes or until thick and foamy. Transfer to a large bowl; fold in whipped cream and vanilla, then nougat and three-quarters of the vienna almonds. Spoon mixture into white chocolate cones, freeze several hours or overnight, until set.
4.To make dark chocolate sauce, bring the cream to the boil in a small saucepan. Pour over chocolate in medium bowl, whisk until smooth.
5.To unmould, carefully remove staple and baking paper from cones, place each in the centre of a serving plate; stand for up to 20 minutes for best serving texture.
6.Just before serving, drizzle with warm dark chocolate sauce and sprinkle with remaining vienna almonds.

You will need eight 30cm squares of baking paper to make the paper cones. Vienna almonds are sugar-coated almonds available from some specialty nut stores and some delicatessens or gourmet food stores.


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