Echidna ice-cream cake

With lots of chocolate and ice-cream, you won't put a foot wrong with this fun kids' cake! From The Australian Women's Weekly's 'Children's Birthday Cake Book' cookbook, it's sure to bring back fond memories.
echidna ice-cream cake
3H 20M



1.Line pudding steamer with plastic wrap, extending plastic 10cm (4 inches) over side of pan; press softened ice-cream into steamer, smoothing surface. Fold plastic wrap over ice-cream to enclose. Freeze 3 hours or overnight until firm.
2.Turn steamer upside down on baking paper-lined tray. Remove steamer and plastic wrap from ice-cream.
3.Working quickly, trim 2cm (¾ inch) from sponge finger; position at base of cake for nose. Using Ice Magic, coat nose and face in chocolate, as shown; stand until chocolate is almost set. Using sharp knife, trim away any excess chocolate. Return to freezer if necessary.
4.Working quickly, push finger biscuits into ice-cream body; sprinkle between biscuits with grated chocolate.
5.Using a little Ice Magic, secure Smarties to echidna for eyes.
6.Freeze echidna until ready to serve. Using egg slides, transfer echidna from baking paper to cake board.

2.25-litre (9-cup) pudding steamer. 20cm x 28cm (8-inch x 11¼-inch) rectangular prepared cake board. Use a good quality ice-cream; actual varieties of ice-cream differ from manufacturer to manufacturer depending on the quantities of air and fat that have been incorporated into the mixture. Once the ice-cream softens and melts slightly, it takes up less space­ that is why 3.5 litres of ice-cream can fit into a 2.25-litre pudding steamer.


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