Diamonds are forever

diamonds are Forever
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1.Trim cakes. Secure one 22cm cake to largest board top with remaining 22cm cake, joining cakes with a little jam or ganache. Secure deep 18cm cake to smaller board; top with remaining small cake, joining cakes with jam or ganache. Prepare cakes for covering with ready-made icing.
2.Knead 200g (6½ ounces) of the ready-made icing on cornfloured surface until icing loses its stickiness. Roll icing out on cornfloured surface into 3mm (-inch) thickness. Using plaque cutter, cut out 4 plaques from icing. Place plaques on baking-paper- lined tray to dry overnight.
3.Knead remaining icing with any scraps on cornfloured surface until icing loses its stickiness.
4.Roll 700g (1½ pounds) of the icing on surface dusted with a little cornflour until large enough to cover small cake. Using rolling pin, lift icing onto cake; smooth with hands then smoothing tools. Trim icing neatly around base of cake.
5.Use remaining icing and scraps to cover the large cake in the same way.
6.While the icing is still soft, press diamond patchwork cutter all around cake to make a quilted pattern. Dry cakes overnight.
7.Push trimmed skewers into centre of large cake to support top tier. Secure small cake on large cake.
8.Three-quarters fill piping bag with royal icing; pipe around base of each cake. Use fingertip to blend icing into any gaps where cakes join the boards. Dry cakes overnight.
9.Wrap ribbon around base of each cake, secure with a little royal icing.
10.Secure a plaque to the centre of the top cake with a little royal icing, repeat on all sides of cake, hold for a minute or so to make sure plaques are firmly attached.
11.Secure edible diamonds to joins in the pattern with a dab of royal icing. Wrap stems of flowers with florist’s tape, top cake with flowers.

Equipment: 32cm (13-inch) square wooden cake board 18cm (7-inch) square wooden cake board large plaque plunger cutter smoothing tools 5cm x 8.5cm (2-inch x 3½-inch) diamond patchwork cutter 4 wooden skewers paper piping bag (page 221) fine pearl-headed pin tweezers white florist’s tape Decorations 1.8kg (3½ pounds) ready-made white icing cornflour (cornstarch) 1 quantity royal icing (page 220) 2m (2 yards) narrow ribbon 72 x 3mm (1⁄8-inch) clear edible diamonds fresh organic flowers Ask the florist to make you an appropriate arrangement for the top of the cake ­ they will tape the stems of the flowers for you. Prepare and place the flowers on the day of serving.


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