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Turkey breast with couscous stuffing

The turkey buffé, or breast, is perfect if you don't require the entire bird to feed the hoards on Christmas day. The special stuffing and paprika rub add a touch of festive cheer.
turkey buffé withcouscousstuffing
3H 15M


Paprika rub


1.To make couscous; combine stock, oil and juice in medium saucepan; bring to the boil. Remove from heat; stir in couscous. Cover; stand 5 minutes. Stir in sultana mixture, pepitas, nuts, herbs and egg.
2.To make paprika rub; using mortar and pestle, grind ingredients until smooth.
3.Combine sultanas and juice in small bowl.
4.Preheat oven to 180°C (160°C fan-forced).
5.Place turkey on board, skin-side down; cover with plastic wrap. Using meat mallet, flatten meat to an even thickness.
6.With pointed end of turkey facing away from you, place couscous stuffing along centre of turkey meat. Bring pointed end of breast over stuffing; secure to neck skin flap with toothpicks. Working from centre out, continue securing sides of turkey with toothpicks. Tie with kitchen string at 4cm intervals.
7.Place turkey on oiled wire rack in large flameproof baking dish; add the water and wine. Rub turkey with paprika rub; cover dish with greased foil. Roast 1 hour. Uncover; roast 45 minutes or until turkey is cooked. Transfer turkey to platter; cover.
8.Place dish with pan juices over heat, add flour; cook, stirring, until mixture is browned. Stir in extra stock and the extra water; cook, stirring, until gravy boils and thickens. Strain gravy into large jug; serve with turkey.

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