Quick & Easy

Sugar-coated peanuts

sugar-coated peanuts
1.5 Cup



1.Place sugar and the water in a large frying pan; stir over low heat until the sugar has dissolved.
2.Add red food colouring; stir until combined. Add peanuts; stir until well coated in mixture.
3.Bring to the boil; boil, uncovered, without stirring, for 12 minutes or until temperature reaches 149°C on a sugar thermometer (or when a teaspoon of syrup dropped into a cup of cold water gives a crackling sound and turns brittle). Swirl mixture once or twice during cooking time, but only enough to make sure the peanuts are cooking evenly.
4.Remove from heat. Stir with a wooden spoon until the mixture crystallises around the peanuts. Turn mixture out onto a tray to cool.

These nuts are so moreish it will be hard to hand them over; to prevent such a dilemma, double the quantity and the problem is solved!


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