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Mini chocolate Christmas pudding truffles

Treat yourself to these adorable festive sweets to get you in the Christmas spirit.
little chocolate Christmaspuddings

We can’t get enough of these adorable mini pudding truffles. The recipe for these adorable mini Christmas pudding truffles is so simple that these cute little puddings are sure to become a Christmas celebration tradition! They also make marvellous end of year presents for all of your friends and family.

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Little chocolate Christmas puddings


Little chocolate Christmas puddings

1.Crumble pudding into a large bowl. Stir in melted chocolate, brandy and sifted icing sugar; mix well.
2.Roll level tablespoons of mixture into balls, place on tray; cover, refrigerate until firm.
3.Melt white chocolate in small heatproof bowl over small saucepan of simmering water. Cool chocolate 10 minutes. Drizzle over puddings to form custard; decorate with cherries.

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