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Princess of hearts

princess of hearts
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1.Trim edges of cakes, split each cake in half. Secure one cake layer to the cake board with a little frosting, spread a third of the frosting over the cake, sandwich with another cake layer. Repeat with another third of the frosting and one more cake layer. (Discard or reserve the remaining cake slab for another use). Spread remaining frosting over top of cake.
2.Place heart cutters, one at a time, on the frosting. Sprinkle ½ teaspoon sprinkles to cover the inside of the cutter. Use the back of a teaspoon to lightly press the sprinkles into the frosting to secure. Gently lift the cutter, being careful not to spread sprinkles outside of the heart shape. Repeat with remaining sprinkles to decorate the cake with hearts.

EQUIPMENT 25cm x 35cm (10-inch x 14-inch) rectangular cake board 5cm (2-inch) heart cutter 3cm (1¼-inch) heart cutter Use any shaped cutter for this cake, try snowflakes or stars. You can use letter cutters and write the name of the child on the cake. Use coloured sprinkles that suit the occasion of your party. If using butter cream instead of the strawberry frosting, you will need one quantity of butter cream coloured pale pink


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