Fruity French toast with berries

Fresh and fruity.

Treat yourself to this fruity twist on the classic breakfast dish. We’ve used fruit bread and served with a sweet berry compote for delightful treat.

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1.Blend or process half the strawberries, half the icing sugar and the water until smooth. Pour through fine sieve into medium bowl; discard seeds. Add raspberries and remaining strawberries to puree; mix well.
2.Whisk eggs in medium bowl, then whisk in milk, caster sugar and extract.
3.Cut 9cm round from each slice of bread; discard crusts.
4.Heat a quarter of the butter in medium frying pan. Dip two bread rounds into egg mixture, one at a time; cook bread rounds until browned both sides. Remove from pan; cover to keep warm. Repeat,in batches, with remaining butter, bread rounds and egg mixture.
5.Combine yogurt and cream in small bowl.
6.Serve french toast with yogurt and berry mixtures; dust with remaining sifted icing sugar.

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