Deluxe chocolate wedding cakes

deluxe chocolate wedding
120 Item
1H 20M


Chocolate ganache
For topping
To assemble


Deluxe chocolate wedding cakes

1.Preheat oven to 190°C. Line two 12-hole standard muffin pans with paper baking cups
2.In a large saucepan, combine butter, chocolate, sugar, the water, liqueur and coffee; stir over low heat until smooth. Transfer mixture to large bowl; cool 15 minutes
3.Whisk in sifted flours and cocoa, then eggs. Pour exactly ¼ cup of mixture into each case
4.Bake cakes about 40 minutes. Turn cakes onto wire racks to cool
5.Make dark chocolate ganache
6.Attach ribbon to edge of round boards, using double sided tape. Cover cans with wrapping paper. Glue cans to center of the four largest boards. Stack boards from the bottom tier up, as shown in picture.
7.Spread all cakes with ganache. Decorate cakes with chocolate curls using vegetable peeler, candied ginger, coffee beans, rose petals and brandy snaps.
8.Arrange cakes on boards.

Dark chocolate ganache

9.Bring cream to a boil in medium pot, pour over chocolate in large bowl; stir until smooth. Cover bowl; refrigerate, about 30 minutes or until ganache is of a spreadable consistency.

You need to buy triple the quantity of the ingredients for this recipe. You will need to make three separate batches: do not double or triple this recipe. It’s important to measure the cake mixture carefully so the cakes are all the same depth. The mixture will be fine standing at room temperature while you bake the cakes in batches. Each batch will make 40 cakes. You will need 120 standard muffin paper baking cups.


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