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Crunchy low-gi bars

Crunchy and tasty homemade snacks.
crunchy low-GI bars
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Crunchy almonds and oats sweetened with honey make these homemade muesli bars a tasty alternative to storebought. Only six ingredients needed to create a tasty after school snack.

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1.Preheat oven to 160°C (180°C fan forced). Grease 20cm x 30cm (8-inch x 12-inch) rectangular pan, line base and long sides with baking paper, extending paper 5cm (2 inches) over sides.
2.Coarsely chop nuts, combine nuts, oats and acai powder in large bowl.
3.Heat butter, oil and honey in medium saucepan until smooth. Add to oat mixture, mix well. Spread mixture into pan, press down firmly.
4.Bake about 30 minutes. Cool slice in pan before cutting.

The mixture will be soft when removed from the oven, it becomes crisp as it cools. Use light olive oil for a mild flavour.


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