Coconut dream cream cake

coconut dream Cream Cake
5 Item


White chocolate ganache (1 quantity)


1.Trim cakes. Secure largest cake to the largest board. Secure the remaining cakes to the same-sized boards.
2.Push 3 trimmed skewers into centre of each cake except the smallest cake to support the next tier.
3.Assemble cakes, securing each tier to the tier below.
4.Beat ganache in large bowl with electric mixer. Beat in enough white colouring to match the colour of the ganache to the coconut chocolates. Spread cake all over with ganache.
5.Cut chocolates in half, press cut-sides around each cake, starting at the bottom of the largest cake.

This is an easy cake to make and decorat­ use any cake you like­ we prefer a white chocolate mud or coconut cake. Whichever type you choose, the cake will be heavy to move and lift, so get someone to help. Equipment 45cm (18-inch) round wooden cake board 25cm (10-inch) round wooden cake board 20cm (8-inch) round wooden cake board 15cm (6-inch) round wooden cake board 10cm (4-inch) round wooden cake board 12 wooden skewers Small offset metal spatula The cake can be completed a day ahead. It will be fine kept in a cool or air-conditioned room. Instead of making the ganache, you could buy 3 x 453g (16-ounce) tubs of vanilla frosting to cover this cake. Beat ganache in large bowl with electric mixer. Use white colouring to match the colour of the ganache to the chocolates. Secure and stack cakes together. Using a small metal spatula, spread ganache evenly all over the cake to make the cake airtight. Using a sharp knife, cut coconut chocolates in half. Starting from the bottom of the cake, push cut sides of chocolates onto ganache.


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