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Chocolate ricotta tart

chocolate ricotta tart



1.Grease 18cm-round loose-based flan tin.
2.Process flours, sugar, sifted cocoa and spread until crumbly; add the water and egg yolk, process until ingredients just cling together. Knead dough gently on lightly floured surface until smooth, cover, refrigerate 30 minutes.
3.Preheat oven to moderately hot. 180°C (160°C fan forced).
4.Press dough into prepared tin; cover with baking paper large enough to extend 5cm over edge, fill with dried beans or rice. Bake, on oven tray, in moderately hot oven 10 minutes, remove beans and paper. Bake further 5 minutes or until pastry is lightly browned; cool.
5.Reduce temperature to moderate. Pour ricotta filling into tin; bake, uncovered, in moderate oven about 20 minutes. Cool, refrigerate until firm.
6.To make ricotta filling. Using electric mixer, beat ricotta, egg, egg yolk, yogurt, sugar and flour in medium bowl until smooth. Stir in Choc Bits and liqueur.

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