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Brilliant baked potato recipes

The humble potato can be transformed in many delicious ways but these easy stuffed baked potato recipes are our favourites.
stuffed baked potato recipes

Whether you love quick and easy potato salads or a hearty potato bake, there’s no denying the potato is a wonderfully versatile veg that can work with almost any meal. But, this humble hero can also shine on its own and here, you’ll find our best recipes to let it do just that. With everything from a tasty Greek-style baked potato to our spin on a shepherds pie, there’s no shortage of inspiration. Enjoy!

blue cheese baked potatoes
Quick & Easy
June 30, 2009

Blue cheese baked potatoes

Potato skins are an excellent source of fibre and vitamin B6. Note
By Women's Weekly Food
baked potatoes
Quick & Easy
April 30, 2010

Baked potatoes three ways

The perfect baked potato should be salty on the outside and snow white and fluffy on the inside. You can also use russet burbank or spunta potatoes for this recipe. Pierce the skin of each potato to prevent it from splitting while in the oven. Wrapping the potatoes completely in foil results in a soft […]
By Women's Weekly Food

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