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The essential equipment every baker needs

If you love to get creative in the kitchen, make sure you've checked out our essential list of equipment for getting your bake on. You'll need mixers, bowls, spatulas and more!


Duh! The most essential (and unfortunately the most expensive) piece of baking equipment is a good, reliable oven.

You could give this microwave chocolate cake a go if you’re stuck, though!

If you’re in need you could pick up a new oven or microwave?

Mixer and bowls

You’ll need an electric mixer of some sort. A hand-held mixer is fine for small beating jobs, but you’re probably better off investing in a stand-alone mixer, either with two beaters or one – they’re both good.

Go for various shapes and sizes of mixing bowls. Start with a set of inexpensive stainless steel bowls; you can always add to your collection later.

Get yourself a new mixer here and mixing bowls here


You will need:

• A couple of wooden spoons

Plastic or rubber spatulas, as well as a small metal spatula for spreading icings

• A set of different-sized strainers for sifting, or a sifter if you prefer

• Fine metal skewers for testing cakes

• Two large wire racks for cooling cakes

• A pastry brush

• A rolling pin

Or you could get a baking set

Cake pans

Add to this collection as your interest and expertise in baking grows. To begin with, try:

• A deep 20cm round pan

• A slice, slab or lamington pan

• Two oven trays

• A loaf pan

• A muffin pan

Nowadays cake pans are available in various types of metal, ranging from cheap through to expensive, with a lot in the middle range. The cheaper metal pans sometimes twist and warp, so it’s best to aim for the middle range. Only buy one or two pans to start with, that way you can assess them and buy more of the type you like.

You can also get silicone pans; they’re great for some things, but they take getting used to. Buy at least one of them to see whether you like them or not.

You can pick up a new set of baking tins and pans here.

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