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How to tell if your eggs are safe to eat

No “best before” dates needed.
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Eggs are the breakfast food of choice for many Aussies, but how long ago was the egg sitting on your plate actually laid? Well, according to website, it could be up to 42 days.

That’s right; the eggs you’ve just baked a cake with were laid up to six weeks ago.

It almost makes you never want to eat an egg again.

But, fear not, there is a way to tell exactly when your eggs were brought into the world, without being confused by use by or best before dates.

It is called the Julian Code.

What is that, you ask? Well, it’s a little three digit number, usually printed near the use by or best before date.

The numbers range from 001-365, each number representing a day in the year. So, 097 would be April 7th. That is the day that your egg was laid.

How cool is that?

Keep an eye out for this tell-tale number on your carton.

Still not convinced your eggs are quite right? A final and super simple check is the age-old ‘float test’.

Pop your egg in a bowl or glass of water. Those that sink are A-OK while those that float are on their last legs.

Now, instead of trying to guess whether your eggs are safe to eat or not, you can determine it for yourself.

So go and enjoy that cheesy omelette! You know we will.

By Claudia Poposki.

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