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How to make whipped cream

By following these simple tips you'll achieve smooth and creaming whipped cream every time.
Classic scones

We’ve all been there, you’re anticipating dolloping a fresh spoonful of delicious whipped cream on top of your scone, but as you beat the cream it starts to go lumpy and separate. To avoid this messy problem and always turn out perfect whipped cream, just follow these tips from our Test Kitchen experts:

Tip 1: Make sure that your bowl is clean and dry, and has been chilled; your whisk or beaters should also be clean and chilled, and your cream should be whipped straight from the fridge.

Tip 2: Opt for thickened cream, if you can, as the gelatine present can help to stabilise it a little.

Tip 3: Start beating at high speed, and, as the cream thickens, reduce the speed until the cream holds its shape.

Dolloped on freshly baked scones, served with hot apple pie, topping a perfectly made Irish coffee… There really isn’t many dishes that a spoon (or two) of cream can’t improve.

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