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How to get burnt smell out of microwave

Wondering how to get that burnt smell out of a microwave? We share our Test Kitchen tip for removing the smell with a common household ingredient.
Woman opening microwave door making rice

There is all sorts of advice on how best to tackle odours that linger inside your microwave, such as leaving an open box of bicarbonate of soda or a bowl of fresh coffee grinds inside the microwave overnight.

The bicarb will absorb odours without adding new ones. However, we’re less inclined to use the coffee hack, as while it will certainly mask other odours it is itself a dominant smell.

For a more neutral result, our preferred method to mask odours in a microwave is to add a little vanilla essence or extract to a spray bottle of water, then spray and wipe down the interior with a microfibre cloth.

If your microwave requires cleaning, and you’re keen to do this without the use of harsh chemicals, read our guide to cleaning a microwave with household products like white vinegar.

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